Lynn Karijn


long ago

When she was a little girl
she used to eat outside
often went for a picknic
this way she felt allright

Always by herself she went
she was a loner so to say
but never did she go too far
her stop was at our driveway

Packed her bag with goodies
a banana and some sweets
then sat down to eat them
small were that girl's needs





She was dancing on the field

She was dancing on the field
tears flowing from her eyes
when she hugged her team
Then she came to me
a big smile on her face
I did it Mom
she said
I did it
did you see

And I saw this girl
a year ago
coming back from Prague
her knee smashed
she got special treatment
they weren't sure
the doctors
It took her seven months
she started again
to play softball
the only thing she lives for

I said
"Yes, I saw you
I saw you play your game
and win
the National League"
she is a real champion
my girl

Autumn 2001
photo by unknown




Iske May

Don't ever believe my daughter

My daughter rang one morning, Hello Mom how are you
and I, I simply said I'm fine, I hope you are well too?
Hé Mom, she said, I have a bit of a problem overhere.
I said, as mothers always do, oh please do tell me dear.

We have to play a softballgame, not far from you she said,
the problem is there are a few, in desparate need of a bed,
for it's a weekend game we play, wich takes 'till sundaynight.
I've told them 'Oh my folks don't mind' so please say it's allright.

There will be only two or three, but they have little kids and so,
if they could stay with you the night, it would be easier you know.
Just put a matrass here or there and they will find their way,
no nuissance will it be for you, for we are playing all day.

A few days later she called again, Hello Mom how are you,
is it a problem to take a few more say maybe another two?
And I said yes, no problem here, we sure will manage that,
we disarange some furniture and lay down a second bed.

Not one week later she called again, Hello Mom how are you,
hé listen, all the other guys, they want to sleep there too.
But don't you worry Mom and Dad, they won't be trouble at all,
it's only for sleeping and during the day we constantly play ball.

On the pasture we put some sheep, the grass was way too high
and let her clean up afterwards, wich she did with a big sigh.
We made a temporary toilet in the old wood chickenhouse,
draped with curtains and we prayed there wouldn't be a mouse.

And so they came with tents and all, the few who needed a bed,
they brought their food and booze along and even a nice pet.
A colourful sight of people, to fourtyseven the "few" had grown,
my daughter has a very big heart, so actually I should've known.



Worldwide © 2001 by Titia Geertman

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